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Stallion Kees 531 AAA

Kees 531 AAA

Breed: Friesian
Date of birth: 2019
Height: 1.67 m
Breed number: 531
Breeder: A.G.G. Schrauwen, Strijen

Already a true celebrity as a foal, Kees van Raepshille. He was champion colt foal at the Fokdag in Oosterland and the topper of Foal Auction Midden Nederland 2019, where his presentation video was frequently shared all over the world partly due to his spectacular movements! He is a son from the first crop of Tjebbe 500, his dam is the Kroon Sport AAA mare Rosa fan e’ Hartstun.

Kees 531 has a pure and tactful walk, his trot is light-footed with lots of suppleness and body use. He has a remarkably good canter. At the Central Examination, he completed his saddle exam with 83.5 points, where the judges praised his canter, balance/posture and switching ability. In harness, he shows a lot of front and good use of the foreleg with plenty of suspension. His driving and tethering tests were assessed with 82.5 and 84 points, including an 8.5 for front leg use!

Kees 531 is a stallion with a lot of pedigree appeal, he is a long-lined stallion with an uphill body direction. He has the highest conformation breeding value (113!) of this young crop of stallions. Because of his many qualities, we look forward to seeing how this new addition will do in breeding!

 Studfee € 1150,- excl VAT 9%