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Studterms conditions 2023

Conditions for insemination of your mare

  • The breeding season runs from 15 February up to and including 31 August of a calendar year.
  • De Nieuwe Heuvel accepts no liability whatsoever for damage, illness, EVA/CEM
    infection, injury to people, animals, means of transport or anything else. Conditions etc. are
    deposited by the association of KWPN-stallion owners at the K.V.K. in Utrecht.
  •  By ordering and receiving the semen, the mare owner has taken note of our breeding and payment
    conditions and declares to agree with them.

Stud fees and non-gestation discount.

  • Exclusive of VAT, transport costs, pedigree costs and other charges.
  • Payment of the entire stud fee and the additional costs and charges must be made immediately
    upon ordering, or within 14 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • When the invoice is not paid, De Nieuwe Heuvel reserves the right not to send sperm.
  • If the mare is sold after the first insemination the Mare Owner remains at all times
    obliged to pay the stud fee.
  • Non-gestation discount: To be eligible for the Non-gestation discount for the 2024 season, you must
    submit a written veterinary statement to our station before October 1, 2023, otherwise Non- gestation discount expires in 2024.
  • Mares that have not become pregnant by stallions with a stud fee above 500 euros have a 50% discount on the stud fee in the following year.
  • When stallions are not available this season for special reasons (at the show, illness, injury, etc.) you
    can use another stallion from our station. The invoice will be made up according to the last stallion

Ordering process Europe

  • Semen to foreign countries needs to be ordered 1 day in advance or before 9:00 am that same day.
  • This can be done via our form on our website.
  • All semen for abroad will be cleared by a veterinarian of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The clearance out costs are for the mare owner.
  • When the semen is collected for use abroad by the mare owner or his own courier service, it will also be cleared by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority at all times.
  • In Germany/Belgium and France we ship from Monday to Friday.
  • We ship from Monday to Thursday to the rest of Europe.
  • The shipping costs are for the mare owner.
  • Shipments are at the risk of the mare owner.
  • De Nieuwe Heuvel determines how many tubes of sperm will be delivered.This is determined daily according to the number of orders of the stallion.
  • On Saturday and Sunday we do not ship outside the Netherlands

Regulations of Stallion Station De Nieuwe Heuvel regarding ICSI.

If a breeder makes use of the new ICSI method, we will initially charge one time € 350,- per mare. In
case of pregnancy you will receive an invoice with the remaining amount of the stud fee of that year.
If several foals are born, we charge the stud fee per foal born alive (2nd and following).


  • When shipping or collecting fresh semen, a suitable container, owned by De nieuwe Heuvel, will be
  •  Frozen semen will be delivered or collected in a suitable container owned by De Nieuwe Heuvel or
    in a container owned by De Nieuwe Heuvel.
  • The Nieuwe Heuvel container must be returned by and at the expense of the mare owner within 10
    calendar days. From the tenth day, a rental fee of € 25 per day per container is charged. This rent
    remains due also at the final return. The return date is always the day that the container is back at De
    Nieuwe Heuvel.

Veterinary assistance

  • The supervision at our breeding station is provided by Dierenkliniek De Vijfsprong from Wekerom.
    You can offer your mare at our station 6 days a week. For mares offered at our station we have a veterianarian packet of € 155.- (excl. VAT). This includes follicle checks and pregnancy examinations up to 8 weeks after the last breeding. Additional veterinary costs and actions are at the expense and risk of the owner. Mares for frozen semen are brought to Dierenkliniek De Vijfsprong in Wekerom. For this there is a freezer package of €250,- has to be purchased.
  • When delivering your mare to our station the horse passport must be handed in at the office as long as the mare is present.
  • Your mare must be healthy and in good condition upon delivery; if this is not the case we can refuse your mare at our station.

Horse box rental

  • Mare with foal € 14,- per day excl.
  • Mare without foal € 11,- per day excl.