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Stallion Jerke 434 Sport AAA

Jerke 434 Sport AAA

Breed: Friesian
Year of birth: 2003
Height: 1.70 m
Breednumber: 434
Breeder: Both, Voorthuizen

Jerke 434 was the first approved son of Onne 376. He was bred by the Tjassing family from Smilde out of the Model mare Reina van de Wittewijk, a daughter of the preferent Tsjerk 328 out of a studbook mare by Oege 267 Pref. Jerke 434 was approved in 2006 and was in this year the performance top. He was in the early years immensely popular which brought him many coverings. Jerke 434 lived up to his reputation with his high conformation breeding value, in which his conformation is very similar to that of his sire Onne 376. Also in the ability tests the Jerke 434 offspring spoke out, which is translated into equally appealing breeding values for sport ability.

It gave him his final approval in 2011. A year earlier he had obtained the Sport-Predicate in dressage. One son of Jerke 434, Djoerd 473, was approved.

The most appealing daughter of Jerke 434 is probably the mare Bryske-Dame, the Model-daughter, who did an excellent IBOP of 89.5 points.

Jerke 434 is a very luxurious and modern stallion, who stands very well in the rectangular model. The stallion is upwardly built with a remarkably long foreleg. With his vertical neck he shows a lot of front. Jerke 434 is very breedtypical.