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Stallion Auwert 514 Sport AAA

Auwert 514 Sport AAA

Breed: Friesian
Date of birth: 2016
Height: 1.68
Breed number: 514
Breeder: A. Kranendonk. Lochem

With several eights on his report, Auwert 514 left a super score in the Central Examination. With 81 points for the driving test, 82 points for the carriage test and no less than 86 points for the harness test, this young stallion is a real talent! Under Sabine van de Loenhorst, Auwert 514 is presented in the dressage arena. They were among others selected for the final of Alrako KFPS dressage competition and the Horse2Fly competition in Tolbert in the M1 class.

The father of Auwert 514 is Jehannes 484, a best breeding stallion whose offspring leave a good impression. His mother, the provisional Crown mare Gerlinde D. descends from a very preferent-rich dam line, which produced the following stallions, among others: Sibald 380, Ulrig 204, Eelke 183 and Walling 161.

The jury described Auwert 514 as a luxurious stallion with a good attitude and a fine workability. He has a good technique in the trot. Auwert 514 can improve the breed type, conformation and legwork on the mare. 92% of Auwert’s first offspring have a first or second premium, they are praised for their luxurious legwork, long necks and beautiful heads. They are a promise for the future!

Auwert 514


Studfee € 1250,- excl. btw 9%