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Stallion Nyk 538 AAA

Breed Fries
Date of Birth: 2020
Height 1.66 M.
Breeder Tanck, Vragender

According to the Central Examination team, a polite, intelligent and pleasant horse to work with, Nyk 538! He passed his saddle exam with 82 points, including an 8 for his super walk! He completed the driving and harness exam with 80.5 and 83 points. His impulsion, hind leg use and front were praised here!

The pedigree of Nyk 538 is particularly beautiful. Nyk 538’s sire is none other than breeding topper Tiede 501. Nyk 538’s dam is the Model Sport AA mare Vrouwkje T. van Sessing, she is a daughter of the strong sire Bartele 472. Vrouwkje is a long-lined and big-framed mare who is well proportioned, shows a lot of front and a lot of flexion in the hind leg.

Nyk 538 is a youthful stallion with a lot of expression. He is uphill built, shows a lot of front and has a strong topline. Nyk 538 has the highest estimated breeding values of this batch of stallions: Breed Type (112), Build (115) and Legwork (111). Nyk 538’s walk is active and very spacious. In trot he is light-footed, shows a lot of shifting ability, with a lot of flexion of the hind leg. The canter is uphill with lots of jump and technique.

Because of his pedigree appeal, high breeding values and his extra sharp hind leg use, Nyk 538 is a true promise for the future!


Stud fee € 1150,- excl. VAT 9%